We are committed to providing exceptional service and raising the bar of the industry quality standards. We excel in maintaining and improving our quality and service, offering only the best to our clients.

Our Services help you to:

  • Digitize complex and sensitive healthcare information that will be easier to search and navigate
  • Significantly improve the speed of processing medical records
  • Improve the maintenance of all medical records
  • Adhere to HIPPA and HITECH
  • Improve quality check and procedures
  • Make sure your project management support is always operational

Benefits of working with us:

Increased Profit

Outsourcing some of the work to our company helps clients save 30%-50% of the cost that would be otherwise spent on local resources. It will increase your return on investment significantly.

Having Experts as Your Partners

We hire only the most qualified medical experts who are able to take on any project, regardless of its complexity or size. If you are having troubles and cannot completely comprehend all the medical terminology and documents, having us as partners will be your biggest asset.

Expand Practice Offerings

Outsourcing some of the work creates an international outlook and an opportunity to increase your target audience and become a world-wide brand. You’ll be able to be more competitive, take any job and make sure the highest standards are always met.

Faster Turnaround Time

Here at RexNDox, we understand that time is of the essence. Therefore, we leverage the talent pool across different geographic locations and provide faster turnaround time that creates the crucial advantage in the highly competitive market. Faster turnaround time means more clients and more profit.

HIPPA – Compliant File Management

We follow HIPAA in our day-to-day workflow.

Confidentiality and Security

We take the security of the client’s private information very seriously. Therefore, we always make sure that all of our employees enter into a confidentiality agreement that obliges them not to use, disclose, publish or permit others to use any confidential information they come in contact with during their work. We only use HIPPA complaint Servers to transfer our Case management files.