RexNDox values the privacy and confidentiality of our customers, our employees and other business partners. Personal information refers to data that is about or relates to a specific person and may be attributed to that person directly or indirectly. RexnDox may process some data at the direction of its customers, which may include Personal Data, in order to provide seamless and efficient services to its clients while making sure that all of its systems and processes abide by the legally mandated rules and regulations. RexnDox may cache this data and perform various transformations as part of project operations and in accordance with the guidelines set by its Customers, who operate as the entity that defines the aims and means of processing personal data. Individual privacy is respected by RexNDox and the company is responsible for ensuring that all personal information is handled in accordance with the set policies. Individuals may be notified about the personal information gathered and how it is used through this Privacy Policy, website notifications, or other direct means of communication with relevant parties, such as contracts or agreements. RexnDox utilises your information to verify your identity and to authorize your access to our services.


Once we acquire the users’ personal information, we respect their choices about what information they want to share and how personal that information should be. We guarantee that no data will be shared or transferred for any reason without the users’ authorization.

Individuals have the choice to opt out of any transfer of personal data for any reason other than the one for which it was acquired primarily.
Individuals are given clear and accessible methods to exercise their right to choose.

The firm will get the express consent from the individuals for certain sensitive data.


In accordance with the principles, RexNDox may disclose personal information to any third party or to the individual, in connection with the services of the company, as long as the disclosure is compatible with the purpose for which the personal information was acquired and RexNDox commits to follow the stated Notice and Choice principles. It also accepts to make an agreement with the third-party processor, which guarantees that the data will only be used for the defined and restricted purposes following the individual’s consent.

  • When personal information is transferred to any third party who plays the role of an agent, the firm ensures that
  • Data can only be shared for certain and limited purposes
    The principles’ requirements for privacy protection are met
  • Precautions are taken to prevent unauthorized data processing.
  • Necessary precautions will be taken to ensure that the data is transmitted in accordance with the organization’s commitments under the principles.


Whenever personal information is collected, the firm agrees to take adequate and reasonable steps to safeguard the information in its ownership, thus ensuring a level of security aligned to the risk of exploitation, loss or potential security breaches.


Information will only be kept for as long as

  • It is required for the intended purpose.
    It is relevant to the purposes for which it was obtained.
    Personal data shall be confined to the purpose relevant to processing in accordance with the principles.
  • The firm is responsible for ensuring that data is accurate and trustworthy for its intended purpose, as well as that it is recent, comprehensive, accurate and is in accordance with its intended use.


  • Mechanisms of recourse are easily accessible.
  • Follow-up measures to ensure the organization’s claims concerning privacy practices are accurate.
  • Remedial actions in the event of non-compliance with the principles
  • Mechanism for dealing with issues and claims in arbitration.
  • Requests and queries concerning the privacy shall be immediately responded to by the firm and its recourse mechanisms.

RexnDox has the right to change, update, or modify this Policy at any time as needed or as required by the law.