The terms and conditions specified constitute a legally binding agreement between us (RexnDox) and you (client). These set forth important policies and procedures to bring uniformity in corporate operations, thereby reducing the risk of any undesirable event.  Going forward, these details can be referred for understanding about the terms, conditions and other important notices. 

Your access to and use of the services on the website is conditioned upon your acceptance of the terms and conditions. The terms of use agreement with us regarding compliance with these terms becomes active upon the commencement of the use of this site.

By using the information and services, including content, updates and new releases provided by us on the website, you agree to be bound by these terms and conditions. If you disagree with any of the terms and conditions, then you would be denied access to the services on the site.

1. Business Purpose

RexNDox was founded with the goal of providing competent professionals and making them serviceable to firms like yours that are willing to outsource jobs to outside experts. The professionals offered by RexNDox to the client are RexNDox employees, not client’s employees. As a result, the client shall always use RexNDox’s services, however, might not consider the delegated employee as their sole point of contact.

2. Responsibility

The client must be aware of the geographical difference between himself and the virtual assistant. Mutual respect and civility are required in a productive and professional partnership. As a client of RexNDox, you must ensure that communication is effective via email, chat, phone, or video call. By keeping all communication channels open, RexNDox facilitates proper assistance and better-quality work.

3. Payment Options

Except for the free trial, all of our services are payable. For your chosen service, we offer credit card as a method of payment. For more information, such as when and how much to pay, would be communicated to you by your assigned Account Manager.

4. Confidentiality

RexNDox and the client agree that no sensitive information will be disclosed to any third party. The company additionally guarantees the client that all employees are bound by an agreement to the effect not to disclose confidential information of any of the client’s.

RexNDox ensures that all the client data is handled with utmost care. 

5. Termination & Cancellation

RexNDox reserves all the right to terminate the services by any of its allocated employees to the client.

You also have complete control over whether to use or not to use this website. you can discontinue your service tenure by sending an email to