We provide high-quality medical chronologies for highly competitive pricing. Outsource your chronologies to us, a 7-year-old company having expertise in dealing with medical chronologies. Request a trial using the below form. You can also contact us at support@rexndox.com.

Comparison of the Different Types of Chronologies





Turnaround in Business Days




Sorting and Indexing




Date, Type, Place, and Provider of Service




Detailed Summary of Each Visit



Summary  of Records Prior to the Accident



Hyperlinking to Source Records





Summary/Flow of Events


History Section


Highlighting of Important Events


Provider List

Yes, upon request

Yes, upon request

Customization As per Your Request





Frequently Asked Questions

We will type Date, Type, Place, and Provider of Service, chronologically arrange source Records, and delete duplicate records.  Turnaround Time will be 3 Business Days.  Starter Chronology Sample.

We will write a sequentially arranged summary, which will include date, type, place, and provider of service and a detailed summary of each relevant event.  We will hyperlink the summary to source records.  Turnaround Time will be 5-7 Business Days.  Regular Chronology Sample.

This includes all of that in Regular chronology and will also have Brief summary/flow of events and a history section.  Turnaround time will be 7-10 business days.  Advanced Chronology Sample.

In the form at the top of this page, fill in your details, select the type of chronology you need, and in the message type “request free trial”, “request login id”, etc.  We will get back to you within 12-18 hours on most days.

We have a simple file upload portal where you can login and upload files to our Dropbox. Using this portal, you can view the status of the case. Below video describes in detail how to upload records to us.

We will upload the password protected summary to our secure webserver and share it with you.  You can download the summary from there.

We will calculate the total number of pages before the start of any case and send a mail to you.  Once you give the go-ahead, we will start with the review.

Once you sign the services agreement with us, you can start sending cases to us for review.  We will send you the invoice on the 15th and 30th or 31st of each month.

We will send an invoice along with the case count and page count with secure payment link.  You can pay using  link, Paypal, credit card, or inward remittance.

We do sign BAA and NDA upon request.

Yes we are HIPAA compliant.

Please send it to support@rexndox.com and we will reply within 12-18 hours on business days.

More About Our Medical Record Review Process

We at RexNDox prepare the medical record summary for attorneys and law firms and have an excellent track record in providing Medical Chronology services. We have several clients ranging from attorneys to insurance providers to life care planners to physicians.  Our motto is to provide accurate sequential analysis of medical records along with related services as per customer requirements. We specialize in providing Medical record summaries associated with litigations related to Workmen’s Compensation and/or insurance claim, Mass Tort cases, catastrophic cases, personal injuries, medical malpractice, etc. We cover every detail related to the case including the injury sustained, mechanism of injury, alleged negligence, diagnoses, causation, suffering, pain, loss of amenity, and prognosis. The medical chronologies team at RexNDox, a medical chronology company, helps you organize all medical records into a simplified chronology. RexNDox recognizes the pressure of litigation and has designed its services to simplify the record review process.

What do we do?

Once you submit the records to us through our website, our team of experts will do the following

Index the records

Sort the records by dates

Categorize and summarize

Do quality checks

Put the summary and the source records

Upload the hyperlinked PDF

The below video clearly shows what we do

Main Focus of our Services

Motor Vehicle Accident

Personal Injury

Medical Malpractice

Work-Related Injury

Catastrophic Injuries

Life Care Planning

Mass Tort Cases

What We Offer

01  Well organized precise, accurate, and tailored summaries

02  Chronologies that are high-quality organized, hyperlinked to source records

03  Chronologies that cover details like Date of Service, Type of Service, Provider Name, Facility with Place of Service, a brief description of Past Medical History, Medication History, Allergies, and Social History

04  Chronologies that provide an extensive medical explanation of each event

05  Important medical information is identified and highlighted in the summary

06  Details of missing medical records would be communicated (add-on service)


Competitive pricing

High-Quality summaries

HIPAA compliant handling of records

Our summaries save you time by simplifying the medical records review process and you can gain access to appropriate records with a single click

If you need more details, please contact us using the below form or by sending an email to support@rexndox.com.  Thank you.

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