We provide services to clients associated with litigations related to Workmen Compensation and/or insurance claim settlements arising out of diseases or injuries or any aliments caused by job-related activities.

Types Of Summaries We Offer:

Comprehensive Summary

  • Contains in-depth view of the medical records
  • Perfect for extracting a ton of information for the review
  • Provides a deep analysis of the medical records
  • Especially useful for personal injury cases, medical malpractice, and toxic tort

Narrative Medical Summary

  • Contains concise description of the medical records
  • Perfect for clients who need to quickly analyse most relevant information
  • Provides a brief synopsis of the most relevant information

Annotated Index Summary

  • Contains the overview of the medical records describing the dates of the service and what they pertain to
  • Ideal for clients who lack time and simply need their records indexed and sorted for easier accessibility

Indexing Service

  • Provides indexes for legal and medical documents that contain several hundred pages
  • Contains accurate indexes using the same words from the document
  • Provides indexed documents with bookmarks

Additional Service includes:

  • Glossary of case-specific medical acronyms and terminology
  • Provider’s List
  • Medical Expenses Sheet
  • Bookmarks
  • Hyperlinks